Mattresses and Pillows we recommend

We spend a 1/3 of our life in bed so the right mattress is essential for a healthy nights sleep. We are excited to be able to provide these quality Chiropractic approved mattress at wholesale prices. Our range caters for all needs, budgets and requirements. Don’t pay retail prices! Contact our office today and arrange a time to check out our range! 

Eco Touch Soft.jpg

Natural Visco

The Natural Visco is an environmentally friendly line of mattresses made from uniquely layered natural visco foam cores.This mattress is renowned for it’s breathability, support and it’s ability to minimize any partner disturbance. This product comes with a 15 year Guarantee.

Our Prices:                                                            Single:Mattress:   $1389   Base: $199                  Double:Mattress: $1589   Base: $289                  Queen:Mattress:  $1889   Base: $349                              King:Mattress:      $2189  Base: $449




The Agility mattress is designed and built to provide years of exceptional luxury, comfort and support. From small details like corner guards to innovative technologies such as the advanced multi pocket in pocket spring units, this mattress is created with one thing in mind… timeless luxury.

Our Prices:                                                            Single:Mattress:   $1099   Base: $199                  Double:Mattress: $1389   Base: $289                  Queen:Mattress:  $1689   Base: $349                              King:Mattress:      $1989  Base: $449

Back Care Medium.jpg

Back Care Medium

Being a 3 Zoned pocket spring system the pocket springs in the Back Care Medium are firmer in the mid-section providing better support.

Our Prices:                                                            Single:Mattress:   $599   Base: $199         Double:Mattress: $799   Base: $239                  Queen:Mattress:  $889   Base: $249                              King:Mattress:      $999  Base: $349


Complete Sleeper Original

The Complete Sleeper Original Pillow is a luxurious cervical neck support pillow featuring removable foam inserts, giving 12 different adjustment options so you can create the perfect pillow to suit your comfort needs.                                            Our Prices:                                                                                $99