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Safer than a foam roller, better for your back, designed by science.

ablespine's patented design provides a wrap around surface area that supports the natural alignment of your spine. Simply lay on ablespine and allow your body to relax, realign and recover safely.

Improve spinal alignment and maintain great posture.

ablespine's elevated nodules provide extension and traction to safely improve spinal alignment and posture.

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Science, testing, TGA approval

Designed using a qualified understanding of the human anatomy, it has taken over 3 years of research & development and the trialling of 7 prototypes in conjunction with practitioners and athletes to achieve the standard we expect. The result is a final patented design that has physicians and trainers incorporating ablespine in their daily treatment and fitness regime, with patients requesting an ablespine of their own. Ablespine has also been TGA approved - Spinal Orthosis Class 1 Medical Device.

So how does it work?